Teeth whitening (bleaching) is the process of bleaching the tooth color with various methods. The resulting whiteness can be preserved for up to a year if the teeth are cared for.

With home-type or office-type teeth whitening methods, teeth can be several tones whiter than their own color tones. If necessary, a treatment plan can be created in which these two methods are applied in combination. Also, discoloration problems that can be observed in teeth with root canal treatment can be treated with the method of internal whitening of a single tooth.

Office-type teeth whitening is performed by the dentist within the clinic. In this method, since the whitening gel applied on the teeth is activated by UV light or laser, the tooth whitening process is performed effectively in a much shorter time. At the end of this process, which takes an average of 1 hour, a significant difference is observed in the tooth color. In the case combined teeth whitening is planned, the treatment is supported by applying home-type bleaching for 2-3 days, following this application.

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