Because of many factors ,the nerves in the dental tissue may lose their vitality and become susceptible to infection. In this case; in order to protect the health of the surrounding tissues and relieve the pain caused by the infected tissues; cleaning the nerves that lost their vitality, disinfecting the dental canals and filling them with special filling material is called canal treatment.

In teeth that require root canal treatment, the disease can progress without any symptoms. In this case, the damage can be detected in radiographic examinations. In cases where symptoms are present; spontaneous pain, discoloration of the teeth and hot-cold sensitivity may be observed. Especially at night time, severe pain that does not stop when using painkillers is an indicator of the presence of infection in the nerve tissues. Infections can also cause abscess formation in later stages.

Treatment is usually completed in two sessions. While a single session may be sufficient for simple treatment procedures, several sessions may be required in severe infections. When the nerves are removed from a tooth, it becomes susceptible to impacts before filling procedures are performed.  Therefore, hard and sticky foods should be avoided until the treatment is completed. After the treatment, mild pain and sensitivity may occur during the healing process of the tissues. It will disappear completely within a few weeks.

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