Porcelain laminate ; aesthetic application design in the design of the teeth as shape and mold, being painted from the drawing and the anterior part of the tooth. In porcelain veneers, the difference is that the tooth is only pre-etched. Healthy dentistry is largely about having children.


  • Only the anterior surface of the tooth tissue is etched, and the healthy tooth tissue is largely preserved.
  • There is no color change in the material (not affected by cigarette, tea, coffee stains)
  • Which teeth are preferred?
  • In the regulation of the shape properties of the teeth
  • To lengthen the tooth
  • Closing the tooth gaps
  • Minor fractures, cracks and abrasions in the tooth
  • Changing color properties
  • It is preferred for minimal crowding.

The treatment process is usually completed in 2-3 sessions. Depending on the number of teeth and the treatment to be performed, the sessions and duration may increase.

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