Laminate veneers are porcelain shells that are bonded to anterior surfaces of the teeth. Application of laminate veneers is one of the most conservative (protective) treatment options available in dentistry. This is due to the fact that little (0.1 – 0.3 mm on the average) or no dental tissue is removed during this treatment. Their ultra-thin structure contributes to a remarkable aesthetic image.

Laminate veneers have a unique translucent property making the teeth they are applied on look completely natural. Translucency of laminates may vary depending on the porcelain and the technique used.

The duration of treatment is quite short if no gingival problem is present or no changes are going to be made on the vertical dimension. The treatment can be completed in 5-7 days.

Since laminate veneers do not completely mask the teeth crowns but still preserve the enamel, the protective tissue of teeth, it is not possible to have cavities on the laminate covered surface of the teeth. Cavities that might emerge on the non-covered surface of the teeth on the other hand can be easily diagnosed and treated.

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