Digital Dentistry is the use of computer-aided modeling and processing technologies of dental treatments and prostheses. All the records and designs taken from the patient can be kept in the digital environment and can be a guide in the future.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry;

  • The measurement process is easily completed without triggering the gag reflex with the help of the optical camera system.
  • The margin of error is low.
  • It is fast.
  • Tooth forms can be processed in more detail.
  • It can give an idea about the ending beforehand.

The design process is completed in 3-5 days. The ideal design is planned according to the patient’s expectation, facial profile, existing teeth and dental relations. Afterwards, a digital design model is created. During the rehearsal process, the compatibility of the design is tested on the patient. If the design is liked, the application process is started.

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